Monday, August 29, 2011

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Okay you guys.  I just read the BEST book.  It's by one of my favorite authors, Elodia Strain.  I've written about her books before.  Her newest book is called My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.

It. Is. So. Good.

I started reading it one evening and stayed up way too late to finish it that same night.  I truly couldn't put it down.  Elodia is masterful at creating characters that are quirky, endearing, and real.  I am always able to connect with what they are feeling and experiencing.  Her book is funny but also inspiring.  I laughed out loud while reading it in the bookstore; I'm sure I looked like a total weirdo.  I was in tears by the end of the book, it was really that good.

I don't want to give too much away, so I won't share any more.  Even though it is kind of killing me to not share my favorite parts and all of the things I learned.  I'm the kind of person that hates even reading the synopsis because I don't like knowing too much about a book before I read it.  Just know this: it is awesome and you will love it.    

Also, did you know that My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is a movie?  The movie actually came first.  I had to watch it the day after I finished the book.  It was also REALLY good.  You can watch it for free on hulu here.  Or I believe you can watch it on Netflix.  And you should because I think you will really enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

See this cute couple?


This is my very dear friend, Emily, her awesome husband Richard, and her cute puppy Carly!!! You remember Emily?  I wrote about her here.  And her and Richard’s adoption blog button is just over there on the sidebar. >>> 

Emily is the most sensitive, cheerful, sweet, thoughtful, adorable person you will ever meet.  We were roommates in college and had SO much fun together: 




We even dressed up like old men together for Halloween (Richard included), and if THAT doesn’t solidify a friendship for life, I don’t know what does.


She’s been there for me through some very hard times.  While I was still up at school, my dad had to have a very delicate brain surgery.  Emily and another sweet roommate, Rachel, fasted and prayed with me that day.  It was so hard to be away from my family at that time, but such a comfort to have good friends! 

And I’m really excited for my Emily because she found out yesterday that she and Richard are approved to adopt!


They have been waiting SO long for their baby!  And they will make truly wonderful parents!  I can’t wait to watch their little family grow! 

I sure love you Em!  Thanks for being my friend! 

Please go visit her adoption blog, and be sure to tell her “hi!”