Sunday, April 5, 2009

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Flower

Lately, I have taken to making cute flower headbands. I like wearing them when I don't really have time to do my hair. If you just add a flower you instantly look like you took more time to get ready for the day than you actually did. I made this one this morning. I also made one for Shari which she wore today as well. Too bad I don't have any pictures of it yet. There's nothing like wearing a flower in your hair to make you feel like spring is actually here! Now if only the sun would decide to stick around for a while then maybe I could finally start wearing flip flops again.


I made this cupcake pincushion the other day with my friend, Katie. I must admit that we had to go through a few practice rounds to get a correctly proportioned cupcake. I think it turned out really cute though. I made some paper cupcakes at work the other day, and they turned out so cute I wanted to make a cupcake for me to keep. Maybe one that could have a practical purpose as well as being cute.

When Inspiration Strikes

I decided that I needed a cute notebook to write down all of my random creative ideas. I guess it's a sketchbook of sorts. So I decorated this mini spiral that was just lying neglected in the bottom of a drawer with some cute scraps of paper, then I laminated the cover with clear tape so it hopefully won't get too trashed bouncing around in my purse. I carry it everywhere with me so that I can remember the good ideas that come to me out of the blue, like when I'm sitting in the parking lot waiting to pick up Spencer or when I'm grocery shopping.