Thursday, July 30, 2009

What does your closet say about you?

I have a very particular way of organizing my closet. First of all, all of my hangers have to be white; I really dislike mismatching hangers. I think this means that I enjoy predictability in life. I don't particularly enjoy change, I'm always most comfortable in familiar circumstances. Second, I organize my shirts in rainbow color order, which I think means that I may be a little obsessive about organization. Third, all but four of my shirts are solid colors. Perhaps this means that I am just a solid person. I know who I am and what I want from life. Or maybe this means that I'm just kind of a boring person who doesn't prefer to stand out in a crowd. But, then again, there are some pretty bright and vibrant colors in there. Maybe these represent my happy-seeking personality. On the other hand, you may have noticed that about 30% of my wardrobe is black. Maybe this is an allusion to about 30% of my personality. Perhaps I have a darker, undiscovered, more melancholy side. Or maybe I am sitting at home on a random Thursday evening, waiting for Spencer to get home so we can play, and analyzing my closet because I'm avoiding actually folding and putting away the dang laundry.

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