Monday, August 24, 2009

Neighbors Step In

I saw this story on the news, and it made me quite sad. I felt bad for George who seemed so lonely and forlorn. I was pleased that KSL did a follow up story on George just one week later (here). His neighbors saw a need, and quickly stepped in to fill it. Many people see a problem, and pause to think, "that's too bad," before going on with life. Others see a problem, and pause to think, "what can I do," and then they do it.

Here Comes...

I FINALLY got some pictures developed from my wedding and have been so excited to scrapbook some of them! It's quite refreshing to scrapbook for myself every once in a while.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Some of my latest creations. Lately I have been making tons of rose necklaces in dozens of pretty colors. They will be coming soon to a boutique near you!

See the Good: Pass it on

On my way to work I pass a couple of billboards that always make my day. This is one of them:

Sometimes, I will be driving to work wound up in my own schedule, or maybe even a little weary from the day-to-day of life when I will look up and see one of these billboards. They instantly remind me how many opportunities we have each day to make a contribution to the lives of those around us. I love that The Foundation for a Better Life sends messages of hope and optimism out into a world that so often focuses on the negative. There is good in this world, and lots of it. We just have to look to find it. You should check out their website here to see more of their awesome billboards. Be sure to check out the "good news" link. It's filled with inspirational stories from around the world that are happening every day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Talk About Courage

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by life's struggles, it helps to remember this courageous lady: Stephanie Nielson. This sweet woman was in a near fatal plane crash, the aftermath of which she struggles with daily. Yet, every time I read her blog (here) I am touched by her relish for life, her bravery, her optimism, her perspective, and her insights. It is beautiful to see people who share hope in the face of adversity.