Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cupcake Candle Holder

I don’t post tutorials very often, but here’s one I did for a project a while back.  Enjoy! 
Step 1: Create the base of the cupcake. Just mold the clay into a cylinder shape. It doesn't have to be fancy, because in the end you are going to cover it up with the cupcake wrapper anyway.
Step 2: Now we will be making the cupcake top. First, roll your clay into a long snake shape. Make sure that it gets more slender towards the end and is pointed at the tip.
Step 3: Coil the snake around itself.  Make sure you wind loosely, so there is room for the candle to fit into a hole in the top.  Also, be sure to end with the pointed tail up. 
Step 4: Now we're going to make some little rose embellishments. Roll another coil much smaller than the first one, perhaps about as wide as a toothpick. Then flatten the whole piece. Coil the piece around itself. As you go wider, wind loser so that the rose is tighter in the center and loser towards the outside edges.
Step 5: Now we are going to make the wrapper for the cupcake. Cut a piece of paper about 1 1/4" by 10". Then fold it every 1/4" accordion style. Glue the end pieces together, forming a ring to fit around the cupcake base.
Step 6: Bake your cupcake. Once it has cooled, I painted a layer of glaze over the frosting top. I also tied a bow around the paper as a finishing touch. Simple but beautiful!

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