Sunday, December 4, 2011



Even though it sounds horrible to admit, Sundays can be one of the hardest days of the week. 

Most of the time, I have a really positive attitude when it comes to adoption.  I am not at all shy when it comes to sharing my feelings about adoption with friends, family, or even the check out lady at the grocery store or person sitting next to me on the airplane.  I love it!  Adoption can be such a beautiful, wonderful thing!  I truly believe that.  I have seen miracles happen and I have seen so many lives blessed through adoption. 

Recently one of our friends commented to me, “You seem really open about discussing your experiences with adoption.”  It was one of the nicest compliments I had ever received.  I am so passionate about sharing adoption information because so much of the information out there is inaccurate or less-than positive.  I’m not generally a very, shall we say, talkative person by nature, so that our friend recognized how strongly I feel about adoption meant a lot.  Being open about most things does not come naturally to me, but I am willing to pour my heart into the things that matter most to me.  Adoption is one of those things. 

Occasionally, however, I’ll have days where I feel a little frightened. 

Adoption IS beautiful and IS wonderful, but like any potential parent (adoptive or biological) I sometimes have my worries.  “What if our child makes poor decisions?”  “What if we have lots of contention in our home and have trouble getting along?”  “What if he or she doesn’t like me?”  I know that parenting doesn’t always mean you are going to be “liked”, but I am so grateful for my parents and have a fabulous relationship with them.  They are truly some of my best friends.  I want that someday!  I want my child to have a good relationship with me.  I want them to know how much they were and are wanted.  I want them to know how much I love them. 

These worries are sometimes compounded by adoption fears.  “What if our child one day resents the fact that they were adopted?”  “What if our child is made to feel less than others because they don’t look like us?” “What if our child thinks that we don’t understand where they are coming from because we don’t share the same genes?”  Perhaps some of my concerns are silly.  What can I say, I’m kind of a worrier (Spencer or my Mom will vouch for this.  It’s very very true, bless my heart).  I do know that Satan does NOT want eternal families to be created.  I know that he will try his hardest to work on my fears.

My point is, I have had my days that are dark or discouraging.  I have had my times where I wonder if I can do it.  These days often happen to be on Sunday.  It’s hard to be surrounded by little families, when we want that so much for ourselves.  As a side note there were THREE baby blessings today (buckle up, right?).  They were beautiful blessings.  I was just feeling a little wistful waiting for our turn someday.  I feel like I don’t really fit in.  It is in those weaker moments that fear creeps in. 

It can be hard to live for what you know is right, even when the future can seem a little scary. 

Perhaps my favorite talk in the whole widest world is “Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence,” by Elder Holland.  If you haven’t heard it or read it, I urge you to do so now.  I promise it will be well worth your time.  I may or may hot have every BYU devotional given by Elder Holland memorized.  I’ve listened to them so often, I know them by heart.  But this one is my absolute FAVORITE.  In fact, this talk played a role in my relationship with Spencer (but that’s another story for another day).

Here is one of my favorite parts:

There are cautions and considerations to make, but once there has been genuine illumination, beware the temptation to retreat from a good thing. If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now. Don't give up when the pressure mounts… Don't give in. Certainly don't give in to that being who is bent on the destruction of your happiness. He wants everyone to be miserable like unto himself. Face your doubts. Master your fears. "Cast not away therefore your confidence." Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you. 

I love to read this talk on the days I may be struggling.  It reminds me that I can do it.  Heavenly Father has confidence in me.  He will help me do hard things.  Our family will come together in the way it was meant to.  More importantly than having confidence in me, I have confidence in HIM.  I know that God keeps his promises.  I also know that there is power in the sealing covenant.  I will not be left alone as I am doing His work and striving to build our family. 

Maybe my child won’t always like me.  Maybe our child won’t always make perfect decisions GASP.  :).  The road to creating our family can be bumpy sometimes; I know that.  There are no guarantees. 

I love the story in Matthew of Christ walking on the water.

25 And ain the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.

26 And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.

27 But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of goodacheer; it is I; be not afraid.

28 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

29 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was aafraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little afaith, wherefore didst thoubdoubt?

It’s interesting that while Peter kept his sight on the savior, he was fine.  It wasn’t until he focused on the storm that be became afraid and began to sink. 

The storms going to be there.  One way or another, it just will be.  I can’t do much to change that fact, but I can chose where to put my focus.  Right now I’m trying to focus on Him.

It will be okay.   


  1. WOW! You sound just like me. I would say you are totally ready to be a parent. I hope it happens for you soon, I am always worrying about how I am bringing up my children but they are happy and healthy 90% of the time so I figure I must be doing something right.
    I only know you through your blog but I truly believe that any child would be truly blessed to have you as a parent.

  2. Oh Whitney. I just love you. This is beautiful, as is everything you write. You are such a beautiful person with such beautiful faith and I am SO grateful to be your friend! I love what you have to say here and was something I so desperately needed to hear.

    You will be such a wonderful mother. I know your child will know how much you love them and I know that even thought it may be hard at times your faith and trust and confidence in the Lord will get you (and Spencer and your family) through. You are wonderful! I love you and miss you romAte!

  3. Another account of Jesus walking on the water (Mark 6) says the following:

    47 And when even was come, the ship was in the midst of the sea, and he alone on the land.

    48 And he saw them atoiling in rowing; for the wind was contrary unto them: and about the fourth watch of the night he cometh unto them..."

    Jesus started watching his disciples in the "even"[ing], but He didn't go to them until the "fourth watch," which is almost morning. It is interesting to me that He would stand nearby and watch them struggle for several hours before relieving them. For some reason, He let them struggle, but He was always right there with them, watching over them, but they didn't know it. I've thought about that a lot in the midst of my own trials.

  4. beautifully written. i find that sundays are harder for me, too, maybe because my emotions are more on the surface? 3 baby blessings in one day doesn't help either :) thanks for being so open to share your experiences. it helps those of us going through the same things.

  5. Oh Whit! All of your worries are totally naturally. Adoption is very interesting because you not only have worries as a parent, but you have all of the adoption worries on top of those. You guys are going to be amazing parents.

    Thanks for sharing that talk, I'm going to read it right now! :)

  6. Whitney, thank you so much for being so open and sharing your experiences and feelings. You have a gift of being able to share in a way that truly lifts and strengthens those around you -- even those you don't even know. I love that talk as well. It helped me through dating and engagement. I needed to be reminded of it, so thank you!
    -Jenee ( or

  7. Great post! I still worry about some of those things. Baby blessings were difficult for me, too... until I started closing my eyes and pretending it was Que up there with our {6 month old} baby. I imagined my father-in-law and my step-dad up there in the circle and Que announcing the name we had chosen. I loved baby blessing days, after that!

  8. Whitney, you have no idea how much hope and comfort reading your blog gives me. Thank you for being so willing to share both your joys and your struggles.

    Thank you, too, for being such a good, true friend to Lynley. As her big sis, I'm so grateful that she has friends like you and Spencer.

    Have a happy day!

  9. I happened to stumble upon your blog today and am truly blessed by what you have to say. I appreciate that you're so honest and willing to share your fears so openly. We have been dealing with our struggles in expanding our family and have found true comfort in your words. Thank you so much and thank God that I've found your blog!

  10. SUCH a great post!!! Sundays are so hard for me too. Maybe we should go to church together now that we're bffs. ;) I live in Clearfield, UT. Where do you live? By the way, my e-mail is so we can communicate in other ways than blog comments!

    Anyway, I always tell myself that things get hardest when you're doing things the "rightest." I love the saying, "Be the kind of woman that when you rise in the morning, the devil says, "Oh no...She's up."" Hang in there and keep posting!

  11. So I just wrote you on fb, but I still wanted to comment here.Thanks for posting this Whitney! I loved this post. Steve and I felt so down and discouraged the last couple weeks. Feeling all of these different emotions and What If senario's. I'm so grateful for your faith and your friendship, it buoy's me up at times where I feel like I can't keep going through this roller coaster ride. (Because it feels like that SO much, even more so that we've started the paperwork.)

  12. I capital L love this. We are just beginning our journey to adoption, and you have taken the words right out of my heart. In fact, I have been working on a post just like this!! His talk is AMAZING. It has brought me so much comfort and peace over these last few years. I love your blog, and am so excited for your new addition! Your little family, and birthparents, are in my prayers!