Thursday, January 19, 2012

Missing This

Today I’m missing this place:


And these people:



It’s funny how a just a couple of weeks ago I was wearing short sleeves and basking in the California sunshine.  Now I’m wearing two pairs of socks, bundled head to toe in flannel, and watching a grey drizzle out the window.  Sigh… I’ve never been the biggest fan of winter. 


But editing these photos made me so happy!  Sunshine’s always just around the corner. 



  1. Ooh, I miss the beach. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Wish we could all be at the coast!

  2. SO lovely!! Why do we choose to live in these snowy states?! Thanks for sharing such sunny happy pictures! PS: You look SO BEAUTIFUL and happy in these pictures!!

  3. I love these pictures! Makes me miss the sun!!!! I've never been a fan of the cold either..come to think of it, I don't know anyone who does?

    THANK YOU again for writing that blog post about Steve and I, and for also giving me the idea for my giveaway! You are a great friend!!

  4. Beautiful photos! :) I agree with Katie - I wish we could all be there together! Oh and I love what you wrote. Sunshine is truly right around the corner! But for now make sure you enjoy lots of cute warm scarves and boots and some yummy hot chocolate! :) Love you dearly!