Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chevron Table


So my sister gave me this cheerful little yellow table.  I think she got it at a consignment sale, but decided it was taking up more room than it was worth.  So I delightedly took it off her hands. 

It was originally solid yellow.  The paint job was deceptively easy to do.  I had the masking tape and leftover white paint from our baby’s changing table and rocking chair on hand.

I made a couple quick charts to hopefully help you get what I’m talking about.  So to create these stripes I started by drawing a light pencil dot in the very center of the table.  I wouldn’t just eyeball it; I would measure.  Then I created a grid pattern by spacing several more dots about 5 inches apart from each other.  Like so:

It’s important that you start from the center so that your stripes are centered when you’re all finished. 

Then connect the dots with masking tape making a zig zag.  Like so:


Then, just fill in every other stripe.  Keeping in mind that what is covered will be yellow and what is yellow will be white: 



I know the colors all wonky.  I took this at night in my garage.  But you get the idea.  Oh, and I taped up the sides of the table too.  The legs detached thank goodness. 

Paint. Paint. Paint.  Un-tape.  Enjoy.


Cute, no? 


Oh, and how do you like them ‘shrooms?  I sculpted those for a little project I have coming up.  But for now they look pretty cute just chillin’ on the table. 


  1. How cheerful and cute!!! I love it so much!!

  2. That is cute! I like that. I wish I was creative!!!! I might have to start yard selling & consignment shops.