Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

I’m sure by now you know my fascination with book projects.  Here’s my latest one:3
Book becomes jewelry box.  I suppose you could put whatever the heck you want in there.  But I needed a place to keep my really valuable, really authentic, 100% plastic pearl jewelry.    2
I just took an old water-damaged book, and hollowed out the pages with the world’s sharpest knife (which I got for free after listening to a lengthy, live, infomercial-like presentation at Sam’s).  Then, I modge podged the pages together.  I have lots of fun ideas for things to do with all of the pages I hollowed out too.  I’m off to get started. 
Toodleoo… Toodle-ooh… no idea how you spell that.  Why anyone would even want to spell something with “toodle” in it I don’t know. 
Spell check keeps insisting that I’m trying to spell Toledo.  So…


  1. CUTE crafts! I'm stopping by from Ashley @ Feigning Fertility. I love your adoption website, and you guys just seem like the cutest couple ever! If I were a birth mom, I'd pick you, honest! I'm adding your button to our adoption blog, we adopted 10 months ago so we're currently just using it to try and help out other waiting peeps!

  2. Thanks, Jewls! That's so nice of you to think of us even after you've already adopted. You really made my day!

  3. Haha. (About Toledo.)

    Awesome and shneaky shneaky jewelry box. And I'm still super honored that you wear that bracelet even though you know how to make jewelry for reals. :)

  4. So so cute! Love everything you do!! Went to Hobby Lobby today and kept seeing cute things you'd love! Keys, bicycles, eiffel towers. I was very happy!

  5. haha! I did the same thing, except yours looks better than mine. :)

    I saw you over at Ucreate and spotted this book, so I had to come get a closer look at it.

    here's mine--