Thursday, May 26, 2011

You + Me


I’ve been making lots of stuff lately.

Mostly I’ve been making lots and lots of stumps. 

Yep, stumps. 

I love love love the little carving.  I see all sorts of possibilities here.  I made one with “S & W” in a heart.  And I love it too. 

I’ll show ya later. 

For now, I'm off to enjoy the most beautiful weather we’ve had all week. 


  1. They are SO cute! I love your little creations so much!

    PS: Mauri looked at them on the computer and said, "Oh, I love those cute little owls!"

  2. Cute! Your child is going to have an entire woodland collection by the time he/she arrives!

  3. I love your adorable owls. And I can just see that one is Whitney with the bow in her hair and one is Spencer with a tie on.

  4. Love the owls and the tree stump! Do you sell them?