Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Makes Four

This may not be the best picture of my latest quilt (my fourth one!  Boo-yeah!), but hopefully you get the general idea.  I made this for my sister, Chelsey, for her high school graduation/going to college gift.  I was literally packing it in my suitcase when I realized that I hadn’t even taken a picture of all of my hard work before it made its way to its new home.  *GASP* So I quickly snapped a few pictures before heading out the door. 
Chelsey is a music performance major, so I found this fabric to be very appropriate.  I took Spencer with me to pick it out.  He just LOVES helping me pick out fabric, let me tell you.  It’s his favorite thing EVER.  Nothing like strolling up and down aisles of craft supplies, rubbing elbows with a bunch of coupon clutching women, while your wife agonizes over which polka dot print is best.  He’s a good sport though, he really is.  And he did tell me that the fabrics I picked out were very “Chelseyish,” which is totally what I was going for.
I was excited to realize that I’m getting a bit better with every quilt.  This was my best one yet. 
I was especially pleased that it matched the theme of her room.  I spent a lot of time sneakily urging Chelsey to get a bedspread with pink or green in it so it would match.  The quilt was a surprise gift, so I didn’t want to give anything away as I offered my humble decorating advice and subtle hints like, “I really wish I would have decorated my dorm room in pink.  It’s my one college regret.”  I’m just kidding.  Pink is her favorite color so I knew that’s what she’d pick anyways.  I wouldn’t coerce my sister in to decorating her dorm room my way. 
Right Chelsey?


  1. Love this post! Made me laugh out loud. Danny and Spencer should go to the craft store together sometime since they both enjoy it so much! They are good sports though:) Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!! What a great and thoughtful gift! LOVE it!

  2. Great job on the quilt! I've made 2 little quilts so far and have fabric for a 5X5 quilt waiting in the wings.

  3. That turned out great! I am a begining quilter too.

  4. I really think you need to move to UT so that we could craft together! I LOVE quilting...and your post gave me the urge to go fabric shopping...say goodbye to next month's budget, lol! :)

  5. Great quilt! I think I'm going to attempt my first quilt soon. I'm a little nervous but I hope it turns out as nicely as yours!

  6. I guess if you wanted to make a quilt for me next that would be okay.

    Also, this line:

    “I really wish I would have decorated my dorm room in pink. It’s my one college regret.”

    made me laugh a lot. So classic Whitney.

    Love you, miss you, love you more.

  7. I love this quilt! All your quilts turn out so beautifully - you have such an amazing talent!

    I read the part about Spencer loving fabric stores aloud to Richard. We both got a good laugh out of that! You can tell Spencer that Richard LOVES going to fabric stores too. He practically begs me to take him with me.

    Love you!

  8. Such a beautiful quilt. I'm sure your sister loved it and from your description you matched the fabric perfectly to her personality.