Monday, February 27, 2012

The One Where I Completely Overuse The Word, “Cute”


I don’t know if you remember when I showed you this little outfit.  But here it is on my sweet niece!  Isn’t she the most precious thing of your life?  She looks so much like my sister when she was a baby it’s crazy. 

Even the cutest little baby outfit looks ten milling times cuter on a cute fat baby!  In our house, cute and fat is the highest compliment ever.  I love to gush over this cute and fat baby or that cute and fat owl or perhaps another cute and fat hedgehog or maybe a cute and fat little whale.  It’s just what I say: cute and fat.  Why?  I suppose because all babies are cute and fat.  Is there anything more adorable than chunky baby thighs or chubby baby cheeks?  Nay. 

One time I accidentally called Spencer cute and fat.  I meant to tell him that he was cute, but the “and fat” just kind of popped out after from habit.  He pretended to be real offended, but he knew I didn’t mean it.  He is cute though, that’s for sure.   

Speaking of cute, I can’t wait to see that little cutie pictured above!  I am so excited I can’t stand it!  After all, can you blame me?  I mean look at her! 

She’s cute :)






And fat. 


  1. She's not very fat! But she sure is cute.

  2. I wish fat could look as cute on everyone as it does on babies!! :) Adorable! I love the outfit!

  3. She is so darling!! I love the little outfit you made her! SO CUTE!!

  4. Adorable!! I love that little outfit. Jealous that you get to meet her this weekend! Have fun!!

  5. She is soo cute! And I love her outfit!:)

  6. Oh! so cute! and I love the little outfit you made! You are so good at sewing! I'm always impressed! :)

  7. Hahaha! I can SO picture you calling everything in sight "cute and fat."

    ...Good thing you can't see me.