Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh it is Love

comic strip
You know what?  Last year I remember thinking, “this will probably be our last Christmas without a baby.”  We had already been trying for quite some time, and Christmas 2010 seemed so far away.  Twelve whole months of possibilities.  Maybe our baby wouldn’t be born yet, but surely he or she would be well on the way. 
Time flies.  Twelve months of testing, poking, prodding, wishing, waiting, hoping, wanting… still no baby.  Still no SIGN of baby. 
Christmas is when I miss our baby the most.  I felt a little bit sad writing our Christmas letter.  Our family picture looks like an engagement picture. We are young and in love… and don’t have any children.  Any news our family might have is overshadowed by pregnancies and births.  It isn’t really fun to feel stuck and left behind. 
Luckily, I have the very best husband in the world.  I say it all the time, but it’s true dang it!  I am SO SO SO grateful for our family, as little as it is. 
Yesterday, we were sitting in the office, and Spencer signed on to his facebook account to retrieve some addresses for Christmas cards.  As I was writing the addresses down, Spencer foolishly left to get himself a snack… leaving his beloved facebook page to my devices. 
I had just enough time to change his facebook picture to a picture of my mom and to sign out of his account. 
Spencer realized his folly too late, and came rushing into the office hollering, “I made a stupid mistake!”
He had to pry me away from the keyboard to log back in to his account and assess the damage.  He did change his picture, but not before one of our friends had commented that he sure looks a lot like his mother-in-law.
This wasn’t the first time this happened.  We jump at the opportunity to change the other person’s profile picture/status if given the chance.  We just love to laugh and tease and have fun.  I love that Spencer is my best friend. 
Even if we have to wait ten more years (but sheesh, I REALLY hope not!) to find our baby, I’m glad I get to wait with my sweetheart. 
P.S. (Why I'm a blog post I don’t know, it just seemed like the right thing to say…) We have been having lots of fun making comic strips lately, like the up top.  I’ll have to share more sometime.  They make me giggle.


  1. Man, I feel so awesome right now that I left that comment. Also, it's pretty amazing since I'm almost NEVER on facebook.

    ...okay obviously that was not the point of this post, but it made me feel awesome.

    Also, more to the point, you are awesome too. And Spencer.

  2. First of all I love the pillows you made in the last post! So cute!!! Seriously, I was in awe.

    How adorable that you found a mistletoe lane! Is that in Texas? If it's i Utah I've got to copy for sure.

    Thanks for being so honest about missing that little baby you are waiting for. You two are so deserving. There are great things ahead for you. I know it. Praying for you.

  3. I love this little post. It describes my feelings perfectly and your pictures are so cute! I absolutely love that last one of you guys by the Mistletoe sign! How perfect is that! And the colors are so perfect!

    I know how you feel. I know that doesn't help but I feel like I know exactly how you feel. I remember thinking that same thing last year too. Last year I was thinking (again) "maybe next Christmas we'll have a baby." Sigh...Christmas is a hard time to not have children. We went shopping for Christmas tree angel thing from our ward and it was so fun to pick out clothes and toys for a child but it also made us so sad, remembering what we're missing! But I'm grateful too that I have a husband to go through all of this with!

    Thanks for your sweet words! I'm so glad you have Spencer and I'm so glad to know you!

  4. Whitney, you are such a beautiful girl! I love you so much!
    Good things will come your way! They have to, right?!?!
    You guys are in our prayers :)

  5. that is the cutest picture ever...and what a find, a street named mistletoe. Yall are so cute together and I can tell you are in love. I hope your baby comes sooner than later...miss ya girl!