Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Up and Up

I have been sick the past few days, but today I’m feeling a bit better.  We even started our Christmas newsletter!  I know we’re running a bit late, but I think we will get it out before Christmas.
Please notice the awesomeness that is my hair. 
Up Up
Lynley!  These pictures are quite old, but it makes me sad that I never got to share them.  So here they are, in all their glory.
If you are ever looking for a photographer in the Orem, Ut area, you should consider Lynley.  I swear half the pictures I use on this blog were taken by her on one of our happy random photo shoots (including the one above of me).  She is one talented lady and I miss her QUITE a bit!


  1. I love that picture of you. :) And you even have two legs!

  2. Oh I miss our little photoshoots! We had so much fun! I wish you were here to do Christmas photos for us. I hope you feel better soon:)