Friday, March 26, 2010

Flower Headband

One of my favorite color combinations lately is cream and grey. So I have been wanting to make something featuring this new favorite combo. How on earth did you make those fabulous roses you ask? You will just have to come to my class at Hobby Lobby on April 23 (Friday) to find out.


  1. I would love some of your cute hairbands if you are offering to give any of them away, I am not crafty like that. Hope to see you guys sometime

  2. Whitney! This is beautiful! I have been into gray lately too. Not sure why. I guess it's me trying to be cool (though we all know it's never really happened before). Your headband is very pretty though. Also, I just want you to know that I almost put up that picture of you with the chicken hat (from San Diego a few years ago) on my calling people chicken post today, but decided against it. Let that be an indicator of how much I love you. And that's a lot. Well, also, I didn't think anyone would know it was a chicken on top of your head except for maybe five other people in the world. Anyway, I love love love your headband! If you have more please link up as many as you want! Everything you make is so pretty!

    Ok, sorry for the longest comment ever. I just miss you mucho mucho...


  3. Being in the UK, I can't make it to your class but would love to know how you made the flowers on the headband. My niece is getting married and has asked me to teach a craft session during her 'hen' weekend and these would be an ideal project.

  4. I love grey for roses - what an unexpected yet pretty & elegant color! Very nice! Found via Notes from a very red kitchen's roundup! I'm going to link at

  5. I do love the greys! Wow would have never just used those colors. Very very classy.