Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Told You We'd Be back

Saturday morning we returned again to the railroad museum to take more pictures. For our date Friday night we went to a giant "Attic Affair" (pretty much a huge garage sale) and I found this lovely piece of giant luggage for only $1.00. I have been on the hunt for some cute old luggage for photos for a long time now, so of course we had to go have a photo session with it the next day.
It was SO windy, so our hair was a little tousled. Even still, that Spencer of mine is so cute!

I know this one's a bit blurry, but it makes me laugh so hard I just had to share. He does love to keep photo shoots... interesting.
Waiting for the train to come.
Oh man, I love my luggage SO MUCH!

Like I said, it was SO windy!

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  1. I so wish I lived closer to you and could craft with you! I'm sure I would get lots of ideas from you, but you might not get so many from me. :) I wish I had more time to craft, but I'll just have to wait until my kids are older before I can.