Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lovely Silhouettes

I just made this wall art to fill a blank wall, and I totally love it. I am pretty sure I am going to fill this whole wall with more silhouettes of us. Here's a quick step by step so you can make your own.
1. Take a profile picture (or in my case a couple of profile pictures) and print them out. You may notice that we don't even look cute in our pictures, you don't have to. Further, the printer started running out of ink so the page printed funny. That doesn't matter either. You can even print in gray scale. It does help if you take the pictures against a blank, white wall.
2. Trace profile's onto vellum.
3. Staple or tape vellum to a black sheet of paper so it doesn't wiggle around while you are cutting.
4. Cut it out. It helps to have a pretty precise pair of scissors.
5. Finished!
Hmmm... now what should I do with this little fellow?... (Getting Lizzy to sit still long enough for a profile shot, believe me, quite an adventure.)

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