Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Command and a Date!

March 4th!

I have been thinking lately about goals. I love setting goals, but sometimes I feel like I have to have the perfect "start date" to begin. I want to wait for the first day of the month, or even the first day of the week (because who starts a perfectly good goal on a Wednesday I ask you?). I guess it is the perfectionist in me that wants things to be organized and even.
But you know what, I woke up today thinking about a project I want to start, and I decided to start it right now, random Thursday that it is. It was shortly after I made this resolve that I realized that today is a good day to start a new goal anyways because it's March fourth/forth. How appropriate! Anyhow, here is my goal:

Spend time EVERY SINGLE DAY (even if it's only five or fifteen minutes) doing something creative just for the sake of enjoyment.

It sounds like a pretty broad goal, I realize. However, I have discovered that creating makes me happy. I think that the process of creating is therapeutic, weather it be creating a new relationship, a good memory, a piece of art, or an organized space. I love to write. I love photography. I like keeping records of what I have been up to, and I like seeing the progress I have made and the many things I have accomplished. So I am going to keep track of more of what I create on this blog, because I often go for weeks or months without writing, and it's not because I haven't done anything exciting (more likely because I didn't take the time to document my current projects).

So anyhow, Happy March 4th!

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