Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elusive Sleep


Some things I am thinking about:

1. Do you ever wonder if you are really good at things, or if you just THINK you are good at them?

2. Should I eat a midnight snack?  Yes, definitely.  What should it be?

3. I keep giggling over the fact that I accidentally told a co-worker (a fifty year old woman mind you) that I love her. 

4. I may be getting rid of this blog soon.  You can e-mail me if you want the details.  All three of you that actually read this that is, hahaha. 

5. I am quite close to finishing my quilt and am really excited about it. 

6. I’m ready for a vacation.

7. I miss seeing my Spencer!  A LOT!

8. I am excited to go to the county fair this weekend.  Super excited actually.

9.  I feel achy achy bo bakey.  I am contemplating amputating my shoulders. 

10. I may be getting sleepy so it’s time to end this weird post and say goodnight. 



  1. Hmmm... you might look interesting with amputated shoulders. I hope you start feeling better! You guys-ie-pies are in my prayers.

  2. I would miss this blog! I'm excited to see your quilt! :) Also, can you please, please email me your address? :)

  3. I would also miss reading this blog if you stopped.

  4. I love to see your happy little blog and I'm so inspired by all you do! May I also note that you are exceptionally good at what you do! I hope today is a very happy day for you!

  5. I would miss the blog too, I enjoy reading about what you have made and seeing it, then imanging what I would do if we got together and did some things together.

  6. I would likewise miss reading your blog. I love seeing how your crafty brain works! I thoroughly enjoy your ever-upbeat personality. You are wonderful!

  7. Why would you even think of doing such a thing? Let me know what happens:) PS I do miss your smiling face and sweet personality!