Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One In Four

Question of the day: If one in four couples struggles with infertility, why don't I know ANYONE besides us who can't get pregnant at the drop of a hat?

Where are these other infertile couples?  I mean, I've read some of their blogs on the internet, but have never actually met one in person.  Even at the doctors office, there are usually five or six pregnant bellies to my left and seven or eight pregnant bellies to my right with my comparably flat stomach sandwiched in between all of them.  So, fellow infertile couples, are you really out there?  Do you really exist?

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  1. Because people don't talk about it enough or share their heart the way you do. I have practically read through your entire blog now. What an amazing mommy you will make someday! And your child will certainly grow up knowing how much their mommy and daddy adore them.

    I teach 4th grade at an inner city school. Obviously my path crosses children everyday with parents who are in jail, who have dumped them off on other family members, who are struggling with addiction, or who simply neglect their child. A fellow teacher and dear friend has often looked at me with tears in her eyes and questioned, "Why can so many of these parents get pregnant, and I can't?" It is a question I have asked, too, in response to both her situation and my own. The first time that my husband and I miscarried, I kept silent. On my blog, with my friends...with everyone...silence. The second time...I decided to go public. My mom was shocked that I would be so open and public about it. I got a lot of comments along the lines of "Well, you should just be glad you have one child already" from my family. My response was, "There is no reason I shouldn't share. I didn't do anything wrong, and it isn't my fault that I lost the babies. It just happened, and having a child already doesn't make it any less painful." You see, my struggle wasn't getting pregnant. It was staying pregnant. A recent diagnosis of a medical condition has helped my husband to the point we are now though. Pregnant with our second child due any day.

    I just hope that in talking openly about my struggles that I have helped someone else out there. That is what you are doing. Your words...your struggles...your story is helping others. What a brave person you are! I will keep both you and your husband in my prayers.