Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Spy

I Spy
Recently I babysat a little boy who LOVES “I Spy” books.  We would look at one every night before I tucked him in.  It got me thinking that it would be so fun to make my own!  So, I am currently making a few of my own I Spy books to give as Christmas gifts. 
The photos are so fun to compose.  This one is a hodge podge of tickets, postcards, and other tidbits from my trip to Europe.  It has actually been a good exercise for me to post this one on my blog, because I am realizing that I should have probably even put more stuff in my next picture so it will be a little more difficult.  Not too difficult, because I’m making these for children, but perhaps a tad more challenging.  The subject matter is probably a bit complex for children anyhow, so perhaps I’ll just consider this a practice round.  Anywho…
Can you spy:
  • two red ribbons
  • the same masterpiece twice
  • a green button
  • two Eiffel towers
  • cupid
  • a yellow rose
  • the world
  • 6 diamonds
  • a teacup
  • Mona Lisa


  1. Oh dang, I have to run off to class so I don't have time to spy right now. However, I LOVE this idea! I Spy books are so fun! Mom and I used to stay up late finding things together. Great idea!

  2. Oh my goodness! You are so clever! I love this idea and I may just borrow it for nieces and nephews! I was just listening to the Everyday Creativity program on the Mormon Channel and it had the mormon mommy bloggers. Random comments sorry.

    PS: Your blog looks so good!

  3. What a great idea! Some of those were quite tricky, but I found them all.