Sunday, November 28, 2010

Partially Cloudy

Boo on failed fertility treatments.  Boo on cramps.  Boo on mood swings. 
But, looking on the bright side:
Christmas is in less than a month!  And we’re going to Califo!  We have the tree set up, our stockings are hung, we’ve even begun wrapping presents!  (And by we, I mean Spencer).
We had an awesome Thanksgiving which we spent with awesome friends!  So much fun!  So much good food!  The sweet potatoes… ahhhhhhhh…the sweet potatoes.  Don’t even get me started on the pie. 
Lizzy is sleeping in my lap.  Little lamb.
I have awesome friends.  Some near, and some far away, but I am so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life. 
My husband is THE BEST! 
Exhibit A:  Even though I ALWAYS pick “As Sisters in Zion” as the opening hymn for family home evening, he is happy to oblige.  He even knows all the words. 
Exhibit B: He watches “Confessions of a Shopaholic” with me when I get to select the movie.  Even if that is the same movie I picked last time and the time before that and possibly the time before that. 
Exhibit C: He sends me funny text messages during the day that say things like “You are the nectarine of my eye.”  (Boo on apples, ew.)
Exhibit D: He is very forgiving.  Even though I told Spencer, this morning while we were eating waffles, that I hoped his fork handle would slide into a puddle of syrup on his plate (which everyone knows you shouldn’t wish on your worst enemy), he didn’t get mad.  I took it back by the way.  I was just joking, but I know I crossed a line that should never be crossed.  It will never happen again. 
Exhibit E: He insists that I take a nap while he makes dinner on Sundays.  I feel so spoiled when he does that, but I really do appreciate the break!
It’s going to be a good week.  I have big plans to make some Christmas ornaments and do some baking. 
We’ll talk soon!  


  1. Hahaha. When I read, "Lizzy is sleeping in my lap. Little lamb," I could totally hear your voice. And how hyper you were when you said it. Haha.

    Also, I laughed out loud as I read all the reasons you love Spencer. I was laughing so much that Bryan wanted to know what was going on so I read them out loud to him and then we were both laughing. You two are hilarious.

    Bryan said, "You can tell ByWHANneeGHETtheOTHERfree that I say hello. Just kidding." Uhh... but I told you anyway.

    And, finally, I feel that it's only appropriate to tell you and Spencer that I said the word panties multiple times tonight. Mostly because Olivia was wearing a diaper cover that kept being referred to as panties and partly because we played Scategories and it came up for some reason. (Remember the time that you ate your Scategories score sheet?)

    I love you and miss you unimaginably. Please move to Ohio next June and come over every day and rest your head on my knee. You can bring Spencer too if you want.


  2. I'm sorry Whitney! I know how that feels. But I love that you're finding happiness regardless!!! :) Hang in there! Someday we will both have our babies.