Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bust a Myth

I’ve really liked reading what people have to say about infertility during National Infertility Awareness Week.  One of the things that has helped me the most during this journey is meeting people who share the same struggles I do.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite “Bust a Myth” posts that were written by my bloggy friends.   

I really like what my friend Julie had to say about “fault” and infertility.  Savannah wrote a beautiful post about not needing children to be a family.  Ashley chose to address the myth “as soon as you adopt you’ll get pregnant” (I think that’s the one we’ve gotten the most).  Kenna, who is hilarious by the way, discussed the myth that individuals who struggle with infertility “hate/despise/resent/won’t be friends with” individuals who don’t.  Lindsey busted a few myths;  I especially like what she had to say about “getting over” infertility.

In honor of NIAW, Lindsey is hosting a giveaway on her blog, the r house.  Hop on over for a chance to win a copy of Infertility: Help, Hope, and Healing by Kerstin Daynes.

Thanks for sharing guys!     


  1. We sure love you guys and are excited to see you in a few weeks!!

  2. I read this article from the Ensign and thought it was uplifting and wonderful. It talks about spiritual myths around infertility. The part that really stood out to me was when they said that healing comes when you look to the Lord and not necessarily from the moment you adopt or conceive. I really appreciated this article. I hope it helps you!

  3. you are a beauty.

    if you haven't read that book, get your hands on it. if you entered the giveaway and don't happen to win, hit me up. my cousin wrote it and i would love to get you a copy.

    hope all is well.

  4. Thanks for the things you share that not only give us insights into infertility and adoption, but also into the things you are personally experiencing. You are always in my prayers. Love you a ton -- Boise, hurry up and call with some good news!