Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silver Lining

silver lining
It maybe didn’t start out as the best day.  Spencer’s computer bit the dust.  Not so convenient.  We’ve been praying all week for a very important phone call.  Still haven’t heard.  Lots of nail biting and hair pulling going on around our house today.
I FINALLY finished my very second quilt.  I am so proud.  I spent lots of the day looking forward to this outdoor photo shoot I had planned to showcase my latest creation.  Spencer got home from work.  He grabbed the quilt and I grabbed my camera.  We stepped outside. 
But the rain made me so very very happy.     
I’m sure you’ve heard about all the fires going on in Texas.  1.5 million acres of charred land.  Homes lost.  Lives lost.  Our governor Rick Perry called on Texans to pray for rain.  So we’ve been asking Heavenly Father to bless our state with the moisture it so desperately needs. 
He listened.
We could certainly use more, but I have a feeling more is on the way.  We’ll take what we can get.
For now, I’m so grateful for what we have.  


  1. I love that quote that you put at the top! So true! Also, I hope you hear back SOON!

  2. Is the phone call about adoption?? I hate waiting for those phone calls!!!!! HANG IN THERE!

  3. Those photos are so lovely! I love your thoughts about the rain. The storm always comes before the rainbow;) I hope you got your phonecall and it was a happy one.