Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picnic For Two

Here are a couple more little woodland fellows for your viewing pleasure.  As I was posting these pictures, I was thinking I should have made a picnic basket.  Another time maybe. 
The skunk does, in fact, have eyeballs.  They just didn’t photograph so well for some reason.  Little stinker. 
My woodland fellows sure do love their junk food.  No wonder the baby owls are so fat.  All they ever eat is doughnuts, hamburgers, ice cream… I did think about making healthy snacks like apples and carrots.  But pancakes and hot dogs were just more fun to make, and to look at.  I guess that is what my little critters will be eating.  So sue me PETA. 


  1. Oh My GOODNESS!! Whitney I squeeled with delight when I saw these!! Your little creatures make me so happy!! Love them and their junk food! SO CUTE!