Thursday, April 7, 2011

It Is Possible…

that I have gone a bit overboard making little woodland creatures to live with the fat owls in the stump.
It kind of took me forever to make a dear that looked like a dear.  All my first attempts looked like cows.
I love her little spotted bum!  You could just pinch it huh?  Stay tuned for more little woodland fellows. 


  1. I love her little eyelashes! Well, really I just love everything about her.

  2. She's so cute!! You should sell these! I would buy them! Have you done a little squirrel? Oh and a fox too! That would be cute:)

  3. I like the spotted bum and the flower in her ear. She really is quite adorable.

  4. It's me again. I think your little sculptures are so cute! I've been imagining up things you could create all day! I was thinking maybe if you were interested I could pay you to do a little one that looks like my puppy Dolly for Mauri. Just an idea;)